Peachy Ponderings Part Two: How to Navigate (ADJUST)

Step 3: Adjust (reading time: 8 mins)

Once you have observed your thoughts, beliefs and habits, and you’ve reflected on these, the third step is to adjust.

There are three questions to ask yourself here –

  1. Where in my life do I need change? (hopefully step one and two have helped you to identify this)
  2. How do I make adjustments? (so many ways…this is where a little research can help. Hopefully future Peachy Path blogs can help with this)
  3. What outcome do I want? (Usually happiness for us or another)

Peachy Ponderings Part Two: How to Navigate (REFLECT)

Step Two: Reflect (reading time: 7 mins)

This follows on from the previous Peachy Path blog, looking at step one of my approach to navigating wellbeing/life/health and happiness: observe. If you haven’t read this already I’d recommend reading it before you get your teeth stuck into the following.

Once we have learnt to observe our thoughts, habits and daily patterns, I’d suggest the next step is to reflect on what we have observed.