What People Are Saying

I have been to many of Laura’s workshops and they have all been amazing. She is so knowledgeable about all things health & wellbeing and she has an amazing energy that inspires and comforts you. I have learned so much from Laura and she is a constant source of inspiration and wisdom for me. I highly recommend working with her at the first opportunity you get – you won’t regret it!

Sarah Keep, workshop attendee

Laura is truly an inspiring lady with a wealth of experience. She brings real empathy, professionalism and creative thinking to keep all of her sessions interesting and worthwhile. I’ve co-hosted events with Laura and its felt seamless, taking joint aims for the day she created content that worked brilliantly and was very well received by all. I hope to work with her again in the future and highly recommend her services.

Liz Dougall, Liz Doughall Health & Fitness

Instantly, being in Laura’s presence puts you at complete ease, her workshops are totally tailored to the attendees and her knowledge and commitments to her gift of wellbeing are exemplary. Laura’s incredible ability to improve the lives and health of others is not only based on her formal qualifications, but also on her own life’s journey and a genuine belief that mindfulness and healing are essential in today’s world. I would highly recommend attending any of Laura’s workshops.

Shirley Atherton, workshop attendee

I have had the pleasure of attending one of Laura’s workshops, and also collaborating with Laura on an equestrian workshop of my own, which was based around building people’s confidence. Laura does an amazing job of balancing being incredibly professional and informative, whilst also being warm and personable, which leaves the attendees of her workshops feeling relaxed and able to learn in a positive atmosphere. Although not from an equestrian background herself, Laura was able to adapt her teachings to the clients on my workshop beautifully and they all left that weekend carrying the tools they needed to maintain a positive and healthy mindset. I definitely plan on collaborating with Laura for more workshops in the future, as I know first hand the magic she can work!

Kimberly Dunn, Idyllwild Horsemanship