Workshops & retreats

Workshops and retreats to bring your mind, body and soul together in harmony.

From holistic wellness retreats which help you to relax, reconnect and retreat to a place of balance and inner peace to workshops focused on a particular theme, such as crystal therapy, energy re balancing or Reiki training.

Laura invites you to come along and invest in self-care, enjoy some precious you time and discover your true inner self to flourish.

Events will be added soon for 2023!


Laura can design and deliver bespoke workshops on a range of topics to suit the theme of your event and your group needs. This may be general wellbeing guidance or something more specific and focused, including:

  • Self-care
  • Healthy habits
  • Health promotion
  • Mental health
  • Mindfulness
  • Cultivating team wellbeing
  • Confidence
  • Wellbeing wisdom
  • Reiki
  • Crystal therapy

Workshops can take place as a stand alone or as part of a collaborative event.