Laura does an amazing job of balancing being incredibly professional and informative, whilst also being warm and personable” – Kimberly Dunn, Idyllwild Horsemanship

There are so many things out there which can help us, but the most precious source of our wellbeing is within us. Helping people recognise and harness that connection to their own power and ability to help themselves to a healthier way of being is something I am passionate about.

My knowledge and approach is underpinned by a balance of academic qualification, professional work and personal experiences over the past 22 years. From the age of 15 I built up my knowledge and exploration of complementary therapies, the power of good nutrition, personal development, wellbeing and self-care from study, my own life experiences and a couple of major health struggles.

I trained as a Usui Reiki Master and IACHT Crystal Healing Therapist over 15 years ago and graduated with a Masters degree in Health Psychology in 2009. After working for years in both a counselling and complementary therapy centre and independent health store, I launched my own wellbeing therapy business before later going on to work as a wellbeing officer for The University of Nottingham. 

My work combines the worlds of psychology and spiritual wisdom to offer a holistic and practical approach to cultivating ways to wellbeing or more specific aspects of personal development.

The workshops and retreats on offer are designed to empower others to open up a new level of health and wellbeing. Many elements of my approach are pondered in ‘The Peachy Path’ blog.

Laura Walker (Msc Health Psychology, BSc Psychology and Social Science, Dip.IACHT, Reiki Master/Teacher)