Peachy Ponderings Part One: Where to start

Hello, welcome and thank you for joining me on the peachy path of ponderings. My intent here is to explore many different concepts and both philosophical and practical topics related to wellbeing. Each blog will have an individual theme. But first…about that word ‘wellbeing’ and associated terms…

…wellbeing, wellness, personal development, spiritual development, self-care, holistic, (or maybe alternative, hippy, new age, woowoo, weird, depending on your perspective)…

…our words are loaded with social meaning. What is it we are talking about?

One common thread which runs through each of these words is maybe actually a connection between the body, mind and soul, a connection between the earth and the stars, the material and the spiritual? The missing piece or maybe the missing peace? 

Well Being/Being Well

Well = healthy/happy

Being = you/us

What does wellbeing mean to you? Whatever it means, or whatever term you use to refer to it, it likely plays an important role in your life whether your focus is on lifestyle (food choices, exercise), social activities, work, family, beliefs, hobbies etc.

I see it as a jigsaw where I learn and collect pieces as I go…fit them together, sometimes take a while to find the right piece, sometimes neglect a piece or come back to it later to find a better fit.

When it comes to exploring wellbeing externally, there’s so much out there we can learn from and study to grow our knowledge and discover what works for us. There are like-minded bloggers, vloggers, podcasts, books, shows, courses and classes. This area has grown incredibly in the last 15 years, yoga is no longer just for hippies, plant based food isn’t just for the eco-warrior few. Learning has never been so accessible, colourful and attention grabbing…sometimes overwhelming?

All the external information orbiting our minds are collected as ‘facts’ which will lead us to develop certain beliefs and influence our actions. Sometimes our culture and conditioning encourages us to aspire to it…work towards it, achieve it in some way before we then finalise our learning and reach the end goal. Then we will feel better. Thing is life isn’t always like this – things get challenged and you can sometimes start to get confused by the reality being constructed.

On this path I’d say explore, learn and gather inspiration from whatever or whoever speaks to your heart but don’t miss out on the richest source of wisdom there is…right there within you (you’re the cute little gingerbread person). I would encourage you to turn the focus inwards. That’s often the best place to start on any wellbeing path, especially where you want to make a change or improve your wellbeing.

So please read on…and start to ponder, as you wander, along the peachy path with me.


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